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Nicaragua II returns from successful implementation trip

The Nicaragua-II team recently traveled to Pueblo Nuevo Sur, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua for 20 days in May 2011. The trip consisted of two phases of travel, and in total, 8 students from the Rice University Chapter and 2 professional mentors from the Houston Professional Chapter comprised the travel team. The goal of the trip was to complete the construction of the roof and the interior of the health clinic, the foundation and walls of which we constructed in May 2010 and March 2011, respectively, and to complete the construction of a rainwater catchment system that would be fastened to the roof of the health clinic.

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Nicaragua-1 Bridge Implementation Trip, Part 2

We got back a couple weeks ago from our Spring Break trip, and we had a great time! We finished the bridge and had a blast with our friends from the El Panama community.  Before the trip, community members had built the approaches leading up to the towers that we built over Winter Break. When we arrived, we strung the cables, finished the approaches, built the crossbeams and laid the decking on the bridge. It was a lot of hard work, but the community was a great help. It took us a week to finish the bridge, and it was great to celebrate the completion of the project at the bridge opening ceremony on the last day!


Nica-1 Bridge Implementation Trip

The Nicaragua-1 team, also know as the Nicaragua Bridge Team, traveled to El Panama, Jinotepe, Nicaragua for two weeks over winter break. The travel team consisted of eight Rice students and three professional mentors from the EWB Wisconsin Professional Chapter and the Houston Professional Chapter.

The goal of the trip was to construct the towers and anchors for a cable suspension bridge with a span of 34 meters across a river in a rural community near Jinotepe, Nicaragua. Alongside the community and their three leaders, the travel team worked to construct the towers and anchors, and hauled 68 tons of material to the bridge site from both sides. By the end of the trip, the group successfully accomplished their goals, with the exception of cable installation, which was impeded by a hold-up at customs.

In addition to completing the majority of the construction on the bridge, our group developed strong ties with the community, and expectations for work to be completed between trips have been set. The Nica-1 team will return to El Panama over spring break to complete the bridge, and by this time the community should have completed the ramps between the towers and anchors. This task will be completed with the assistance of Tony, a local pastor for the community. Tony has become a valuable resource for our team, and we look forward to working with him upon our return.

Photos from the trip can be seen in the Nica-1 Photo Gallery.


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